La Belle Vie

Nightlife at its best. Dance to impress the rest.

Now under new management, La Belle Vie, is a destination appealing to those who desire a relaxed environment, friendly staff and delicious foods. La Belle Vie is the only location in Hickory providing a variety of event venues by day with the opportunity to experiment with fine dining and a social club by night.

Come expecting to be impressed with our hand picked menu, select public and private events or to learn any type of dance. At club La Belle Vie we expect you dress to impress and bring your “A Game” to tear up our dance floor.

What do we offer?

Exquisite Menu

Private Party and VIP Room

Private Event Bookings

Live Music

Business Socials and Mixers

Black Tie Dinner and Socials


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Reserve the Club!

Not only does La Belle Vie host parties, provide live music in a hip nightlife atmosphere but also serves as a place for your next event. Whether its a party or social gathering we’re happy to tailor the space to suite your needs.

Have Fun in Our Club!

Live Music and an Upbeat Atmosphere

Every Friday and Saturday night enjoy life music from various DJs and local artists in our stellar club.

Fresh beats bounce sound waves right right into your soul. Stimulate your senses with our weekly events, drink specials and the social life most of Hickory is inept to.

Check out our site or Facebook for select showings of popular bands.

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Let our Mixologists Blow Your Mind

Our talented staff whip up only the finest, stout drinks. Enjoy a beverage and socialize, dance or check out the local talent.

The staff are friendly and work hard to provide you with an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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All the Top Shelf Drinks

When you dance and get pumped, we are prepared to serve only the best cold beverages. Paired with our awesome music, we have weekly drink specials and bucket discounts.

Hungry? No problem. We’re happy to serve only the finest foods that rival local 5 star restaurants. No one likes to wait. We are fast, friendly and able to get you a piping hot meal whether you eat in our out.

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La Belle Vie is the place to go for modern music that fills your ear drums with fantastic beats pulsating our atmosphere every weekend.


It is never the same! Every week we book talented DJs or have events with live music from bands local and from all over.

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Dinner Socials

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Free First Dinner Social

At La Belle Vie we partner with businesses and entertainment providers to host spectacular events paired with excellent food. Enjoy an evening of casual dining at our Black Tie Dinner Social club events. 

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Next Event

We have many upper scale events. We have private or invite only events that include special menus, dance exhibitions, and mixers.

Additionally, we provide the place to party like a rock star with live music and bands. We provide lessons in the art of dance and much more!

Please express your interest as to which you would like to inquire about and we’ll happily pair you with our next event and reserve your seat.

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Contact us today to find out about our events, classes or private events.

828 326 7005

16 2nd St NW Hickory, NC 28601

Dance or enjoy a class Monday to Thursday from 10 AM to 7 PM. Club open Friday and Saturday from 9 PM-2 AM.

Feel free to contact us for private or class lessons weekly. Check out our Facebook or website for updates on events weekly. Want to host your own event? Contact us!